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Sitting around a hotel room talking doesn’t sound so hard, but it can be grueling. Especially when they all ask the same damn questions.

(Tyrion is my favorite character. Okay? OKAY? Can we PLEASE put that one to rest?? I love all my viewpoint characters, Arya and Sansa and Bran, Jon Snow and Brienne, Arianne and Cersei and Jaime, Theon, even Victarion and the Damphair, ALL of them, but I love Tyrion the bestest. Tyrion son of Tywin, the Imp, second son of Casterly Rock. How many bloody times do I need to say it?? I swear, from now on, whenever anybody asks me, “who is your favorite character,” I am going to start naming characters from other people’s books. Cugel the Clever. Flashman. Gatsby. Hotspur. Solomon Kane. A different one each time… )

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Tyrion son of Tywin, the Imp, second son of Casterly Rock

son of Tywin

did he


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It will forever confuse me how this website is like, “Having astral sex with Loki? Sounds legit! Asexual romantic relationships? Not buying it; that’s just queer baiting.”

I’ve gotta hand it to the thorki fandom - it’s kind of handy getting my porn and meta in one post.


ibis Snuggling Bunnies X

promising I’d be cool about loki not appearing in age of ultron is just the latest in a long line of lies I’ve told to myself


- Good Lord, did you walk here?

- I did.








When you meet someone who’s gorgeous, and amazing, and smart, and funny, and they like you for some reason…

(And yes, I know it’s not Friday yet ;) )

Oh, look, it’s Friday again <3

I plan to reblog this every Friday until the end of time.

Still not boring?

This is rapidly becoming my favorite part of Fridays. <3

Happy Friday (almost Saturday here)!

There is nothing happier than their smiles. 

(Except, okay, maybe yours… <3)

Ha! I got to it first this week!

when you start applying the lyrics you’re my end and my beginning to your ship, that’s the moment you know you’re in too fucking deep.

wowwww wilson is literally the exception to everything in house’s life. like, for house, everything in the world is decided into two categories: wilson and not-wilson. and lbr, if it matters, it’s probably wilson.

wilson is it. house’s purpose. his person. his pain in the ass.

his everything.