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I used to be one of those "omg i find tyrion/peter attractive, is that weird, and i've never even liked short guys before, haha i am such a special snowflake" people, but then I found your blog and had my eyes opened to what an enormously bigoted ass I was being, and now I feel like I'm a slightly better person, so thank you for that. — Anonymous

oh wow, this actually means a lot to me? I’m glad I didn’t come off as such an ass that you just wrote me off - because this is really such an important thing! like, sometimes I worry that I no longer attempt to educate people, and instead just get super snarky right off the bat.

so thank YOU for sending the message - and for being willing to amend your thoughts about peter/tyrion.





When you meet someone who’s gorgeous, and amazing, and smart, and funny, and they like you for some reason…

(And yes, I know it’s not Friday yet ;) )

Oh, look, it’s Friday again <3

I plan to reblog this every Friday until the end of time.

Still not boring?

steps to take if you find it weird that people find peter dinklage and/or tyrion lannister attractive:

1) get far, far away from me.


I’m listening to Gavin Degraw for the first time, and both the lyrics and the fact you recommended it are giving me so many feelings. <3

(I have no justification for including a random picture of House and Wilson here other than the fact that they are adorable and also give me feelings).

this picture of house and wilson I JUST


Happy 4th of July!!


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Can we talk about House literally declared his love and admiration of Wilson in front of an entire plenary session at a conference?

for someone who so clearly reveled in cynicism, house was such a damn romantic.

(which is quite fitting considering house m.d. turned out to be a show whose every bit of cynicism was overshadowed by the hopeful and romantic nature of its ending.)

Bryn Mawr College [x]

Cause you never think that the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t.

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