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omg i seem so creepy just randomly popping into your inbox but i saw your tag that cameron from 'house m.d' was like the sansa of that show and i fully agree and i loved her too precisely for those reasons :3 uh that's it, i don't have anything intelligent to say, i'm so sorry, and so sorry for the randomness of this message! have a good day! — omgcoffeecoffeecoffee

No, no, this is a beautiful message! Because Cameron is hands-down my favorite female character on House, and it’s entirely because of the traits these two characters share that I love them both so much! Argh I just feel like so many people fail to appreciate both Cameron and Sansa - which is such a damn shame because they are so, so good in a very deep way, and I am 1000% here to celebrate that!

you know what I was thinking the other day? I was thinking that the problem ASoIaF/GoT fandom seems to have with appreciating tyrion’s character may be indicative of a larger problem - that of fandom coming to terms with well-written and fully-formed disabled characters characters at all. I mean, common fan interpretations of tyrion seem to come in two variations: either tyrion is someone who doesn’t let his disability get him down!!! who thinks that the only disability is a bad attitude! who, I have even heard argued, “we can forget is disabled at all!”

or he is dangerous. abusive. lecherous. deviant. a card-carrying villain, and a dwarf to boot.

and is it any wonder interpretations of tyrion are so limited - and untrue to his character - when such caricatures often pass for meaningful representation of disability in media? perhaps disabled characters like tyrion - who, like real people, are capable of deeds both selfless and terribly selfish, whose experiences with disability have shaped them in ways that are sometimes unpleasant to watch but that are essential to their identities - are so baffling to readers/viewers because they remain almost a complete novelty in fiction today.

so either tyrion doesn’t really count disabled at all - is, in fact, an inspiration for ~overcoming~ his disability and throwing off the word entirely! - or he is a clichéd comic book villain whose emotional responses to the abuse and trauma that are a product of his experiences with achondroplasia are written off as “self-pity.”

tyrion is not allowed to be both disabled and a complete character worthy of our consideration. we can only appreciate tyrion if we first divorce the word “disability” from our understanding of his narrative arc.

and I can’t tell you how much that sucks - because tyrion’s is a disability narrative, and the relative lack of those in popular culture shouldn’t stop us from recognizing and appreciating them when they exist. rather, it should drive us to hold onto the ones we do get with great ferocity! which is part of the reason I cling to tyrion and his arc like I do.


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