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So I decided I’m ready to start growing my hair out from that really asymmetrical cut I had, and there was really only one way to do that: chop it all off.  So now my hair is super short and I’m super self-conscious.  IDK MAN.

  1. watertightvines said: Ahhh, your haircut is one of the styles I want to get but can’t! (My face shape and inability to use product correctly are buzz-harshers.) So I will live vicariously.
  2. joannalannister said: You look beautiful, Cat. Your hairdresser is a goddess.
  3. derusaert said: Oh! You look beautiful! I love it!
  4. portiafitzsimmons said: it is megacute okay hush
  5. somethingephemeral said: There is a woman I work with who wears her hair slightly shorter than this - and it looks almost as good on her as this cut looks on you. You’ve got the perfect face for the short hair. So pretty!
  6. apostrophiee said: You are beautiful!
  7. xbitchcraft said: IT LOOKS GOOD. Seriously. You rock it~
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