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I saw an interview where Peter Dinklage said that "dwarves" on TV are usually freaks and very briefly seen side characters in for example pirate movies, not fully fledged characters. It sometimes makes me sad to think that Tyrion Lannister, a main character with real motivation, story arc and aspirations is a character that Dinklage would have needed to see on TV growing up :( (also what is the correct way to refer to a really short person like Dinklage is?) — Anonymous

I know.  I’ve thought about this before too - and honestly, I think this is why it upsets me so much when people disregard Tyrion’s character.  You don’t see characters like Tyrion - positive representations of disability in the media are difficult to find, and Tyrion is a very visibly disabled character who shines in his own right.  He’s complex and multi-layered and neither entirely ‘good’ or ‘bad.’  He’s just very human - and any such character should be appreciated, but especially Tyrion who adds visbility to a cause that gets very little.

As for your question, the commonly accepted term is ‘little person,’ and that’s what I normally use, but of course the best course of action would be to allow the person in question to tell you how they choose to refer to themself.

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