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that moment when you realize Tyrion is so accustomed to his father’s abuse that he no longer reacts to it :(

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    I wonder if that was the moment when he decided to… SPOILERS BELOW THE BREAK!!!! [[MORE]] Kill Tywin. Was it when he...
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  3. womxxn said: break my goddamn heart, why dont you… :(
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  5. debussigh said: he reacted, alright. i really loved how he walked out halfway through his dad’s sentence about hanging whores. it was like a super realistic “stfu up dad i hate you and i’m done listening to what you say”. >:
  6. saucylark said: I spent that time screaming at the screen. Ugh, Tywin makes me so angry.
  7. somethinglessstupid said: watching cat’s heart break one post at a time
  8. tyenesand said: same
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